A snapshot moment

I'll set the scene: Me (purple, floaty trousers, black and green Hawaiian shirt, slightly tanned, curly hair tied back), lying in my hammock in the "porch" of our "mansion". It is HOT today, so hot in fact that I got in the "shower" earlier fully clothed just to cool down a bit. The sun is … Continue reading A snapshot moment

22-02-2018 Menstruation Magic

This morning, a guide, Javier and myself set out into the forest to set up my project. I need 12 transects (straight lines that I use to mark where I will collect my data) in both primary and secondary forest. We found suitable areas with plenty of space and started to set these up, however, … Continue reading 22-02-2018 Menstruation Magic

20-02-2018 Monotony

I want to preface this post with a reality check: We live in the rainforest, in Ecuador, near an Indigenous Community, at a research station, on a river bank, in wooden huts, without a car, without a boat (more importantly), with just each other, in the jungle. Like if you saw our location on a … Continue reading 20-02-2018 Monotony

17-02-2018 The ups and the downs

It's a quiet day at the station today. Only Heather and I are here so we have complete freedom to do what we like when we like. This freedom only really extends to when we eat, usually with more people at the station mealtimes are regular and we take it in turns to cook each … Continue reading 17-02-2018 The ups and the downs

10-02-2018 An ear update

I am deliriously happy right now. I woke up this morning in a state of bliss and contentment. You see, for the first time in a week, I woke up because I was ready to wake up, rather than because I was in excrutiating pain. I've had a fungal ear infection which has been just … Continue reading 10-02-2018 An ear update

08-02-2018 ill and abroad: a detailed account

Date Saturday 3rd of February Scene Lying in bed in a hotel room on the 4th floor of our favourite Hotel in El Coca, the Rio Napo.Β  8pm And so occurred the last in a series of bad decisions: a massive bowl of pasta for dinner. Accompanied with soy sauce (beggars can't be choosers) and … Continue reading 08-02-2018 ill and abroad: a detailed account

25-01-2018 Back home

It's a beautiful day in the jungle. I woke up this morning at 10am which never happens because I'm usually sweating by 8, but this morning it was cool which was delightful. We arrived a couple of days ago with 2 volunteers who are living here for 2 weeks. They are a French/Colombian couple who … Continue reading 25-01-2018 Back home

20-01-2018 Nice to be back, Quito

I have arrived in Ecuador safe and sound, sorry to say bye to England but excited to settle back into my Ecuadorian life! Goodbyes were quite hard this time, and it was tougher than usual to tear myself away from my family and friends, but the further from home I travelled, the more I started … Continue reading 20-01-2018 Nice to be back, Quito

An unrequited (uninvited) infatuation.

It’s rather cruel this life we live in black and white, and colour, The more we have the more we give, the more that we do suffer.   The more we learn the less we know, Oh, the irony of knowledge, An unfair joke, a punchline that we refuse to acknowledge.   I’m grieving and … Continue reading An unrequited (uninvited) infatuation.

15-01-2018 I really ought to be packing

So it is (almost) that time again. The time to leave my family and friends behind in England and live in another country and culture for a significant period of time. This is, in fact, the 5th time I have taken off to another country with no return flight booked. The shortest period of time … Continue reading 15-01-2018 I really ought to be packing

Immune – Catherine Carver

Actually, extremely, average. Would not recommend I'm afraid: it was a real struggle to finish. I was gutted that this book turned out to be not-so-good because I've been searching for a book on the Immune system that is interesting, funny, informative and fairly general. I'm studying Immunology as part of my degree and wanted … Continue reading Immune – Catherine Carver

12-01-2018 NLP and a personal journey

It's a Friday afternoon, 6pm, pitch black outside, and I'm cosying up on my sofa with a couple of candles lit and gentle music in the background. I'm feeling quite sorry for myself today because a light cold that started just before New Years has recently turned into a horrible cough after a couple of … Continue reading 12-01-2018 NLP and a personal journey