How to survive in the Jungle

First of all, I hope that none of you reading this are intending on actually using this blog post as a guide to the jungle. I am not professing to have succeeded at life here, nor am I suggesting I have any great wisdom on the matter. This is more a collection of observations and … Continue reading How to survive in the Jungle

Why We’re Here – The Research

For those of you who have got the impression that so far my time in Ecuador has mostly been exploring, lying in a hammock and swimming, you're wrong. Well, half wrong. Okay, just a little bit wrong, we have been doing a lot of that. But there's a much more serious side to our life … Continue reading Why We’re Here – The Research

ChiroEurope 2017

ChiroEurope is a conference that occurs twice a year, spring and autumn, inclusively catering for Chiro’s, Chiropractic assistants, students, friends and family and anyone who’s interested in Chiropractic care. The long weekend consists of a series of speakers who aim to challenge, support, inspire, share their miracles, give advice and ultimately bring out the best … Continue reading ChiroEurope 2017


(A post written for the Mancunion - The Manchester Uni student newspaper). Definition: someone who is interested in exploring veganism and experimenting with vegetables in new ways, but not quite ready to commit. Been having some affectionate thoughts about vegetables lately? Perhaps you’ve been wondering about alternative sources of protein but you’re not quite ready … Continue reading #VEGCURIOUS ?

Dieting – do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Well done to all you amazing people out there who were overweight and then managed to diet and loose a few pounds and are now a healthy weight! Your reward is that you now have to keep dieting for the rest of your life. You're welcome. Bit of a blow isn't it? You assume that … Continue reading Dieting – do you want the good news or the bad news first?

C-section babies 40% more likely to develop Asthma

According to a Danish study, babies born via C-section are more likely to be hospitalised more frequently and develop immune disorders such as asthma, allergies and diabetes. The exact cause of this isn't clear, and the operation itself is not likely to be the direct cause of these effects, so what could it be? Recent … Continue reading C-section babies 40% more likely to develop Asthma

New Years Resolutions

Achievable Resolutions Not a 'New Year New Me', more of a 'Me with some improvements', set of resolutions. I know that if I set myself a goal which is too far away from my current lifestyle, I'll be setting myself up for failure and disappointment. So I've got a couple of resolutions which, hopefully, are … Continue reading New Years Resolutions

A Poem For My Grandma

My grandma died a year ago today, and in the days after her death I wrote this poem, kind of by accident. I woke up one morning with the first few lines in my head, then spent the next 2 days bent over my notebook writing the rest. I ended up reading it out at … Continue reading A Poem For My Grandma

Are cocktails giving you brain damage?

Well yes, they are actually. Do I still love them? Yes, they're pretty and yummy. This post is about increasing awareness rather than personally condemning everyone that drinks (myself included) and just hopefully inspiring people to ask a few more questions and take the issue a little bit more seriously. One quick comment before I … Continue reading Are cocktails giving you brain damage?

Arbonne – a pure and animal friendly beauty brand

While working this summer I met Jodie who is a consultant for Arbonne, an all-natural, vegan, health orientated beauty brand, visit her page here. She not only inspired me to finally start this blog, but also to think more carefully about the health of my skin and hair, and to recognise that certain cosmetic products … Continue reading Arbonne – a pure and animal friendly beauty brand

Affirmations – learning to thank ourselves

I think we all need reminding sometimes to thank our bodies for all the work that it does. It's easy to get caught up in minor details about your self that you don't like, details that no-one notices but you, and to beat yourself up about things that actually don't matter in the scheme of … Continue reading Affirmations – learning to thank ourselves

What does Holistic actually mean?

To practice holistic health is to appreciate that the different aspects of your being are all interconnected and hold equal weights with respect to the health of the whole. As a human being we operate on different levels: spirit/emotional, mental and physical; and to nourish ourselves wholly we need to maintain equilibrium between these three things and … Continue reading What does Holistic actually mean?